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At High Octane Training & Therapy we provide premium Personal Training and Group Training Classes with Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Athletic Therapy to keep you performing at your best – forever and always.

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A gym is a gym. If you’ve seen one, you’ve pretty much seen them all. Treadmills and dumbbells don’t change your body, learning how to do things correctly does.

At High Octane Training + Therapy, there is an element of training and education within everything you do. We bring your Fitness, Nutrition and Movement Therapy together with a team of professionals that are always in contact and communicating. It doesn’t matter if you workout solo, in a group, or one-on-one, you will still feel the difference in the way you exercise and move.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a specific exercise or machine that will get you the results you’re looking for – it’s how you do the exercise and your intentions behind it.

Physiotherapy/ Active Therapy that goes beyond taking the pain away - our goal is to have you performing at your greatest levels.
In other words, no pain results in big gains.

Adam Kiss
Adam Kiss@adam_kiss_
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When you work with people that care about you and take the time to get to know you, it’s no longer a service, it’s personal. My injury called for chiropractic and athletic therapy, with the help of Oliver and Denzil I began the slow process of recovery and rehabilitation. In the process, ... (Click above to read more)
Hardeesh Singh
Hardeesh Singh@deesh.dholi
Read More
The best gym around. Andrew and Naomi have a created a fun professional environment for all to come in and focus on your total health. The gym equipment is well maintained, classes are well instructed and instructors are very enthusiastic about their programs.... (Click above to read more)
Melissa Leithwood
Melissa Leithwood@mleithwood
Read More
I LOVE High Octane's facility. Super clean and the class rooms are gorgeous. I'm obsessed! They have THE best functional training equipment.The owners walk the talk, are inspiring, and care about their members so hard its ridic!.... (Click above to read more)
Alex Rei
Alex Rei@areiiii
Read More
I'm beyond happy with my experience at High Octane Training. The team is very professional, genuine, and eager to help you achieve your goals; these were all things I strongly value. The facility is very clean, and well-lit. The machines are all state-of-the-art, and are in excellent shape. I am proud to be a member given... (Click above to read more)
Tyrone Edwards
Tyrone Edwards@optimizepotentialtraining
Read More
With a slogan like, "Where passion meets performance!" you can see that it's not just about a the money. Which you'll see a lot of facilities, with this facility it's more client focused and you can get that vibe from the people that work there to the people that train there. Looking forward to the promising growth... (Click above to read more)
Melissa Vargas
Melissa Vargas@melissavargas___
Read More
When fitness / health professionals actually discuss and collaborate about MY fitness goals and needs, THAT is keeping the best interest of the client at heart. The entire team of health professionals actually work together to determine the best approach for my personal fitness needs - and you will rarely get this anywhere else!
Murat Dogan
Murat Dogan@murat_in_paris
Read More
Consistently great care from the whole team at HOT. They know just how much advice to give out and genuinely help make your visits more productive in order to get the best results. It’s immaculate and bright, making it hard to want to leave at the end of your workout.
Karen Pun
Karen Pun(Click Here)
Read More
In the couple of years prior to joining High Octane, I had gained a lot of weight due to health issues and recovering from surgeries. I still have medical conditions that make losing weight very difficult. I have to work extra hard and be mindful of what I am eating... (Click above to read more)
Joy Tardieu
Joy Tardieu(Click Here)
Read More
Over the last 6 years, we have reduced 90% of my medication, ditched my cane, and got my husband training to support our healthy lifestyles. Reducing medication was our first goal (along with some body fat, which he said would go hand in hand). We worked on,... (Click above to read more)
Marko(Click Here)
Read More
In these last few months, we've not only seen everything we hoped for and more on the ice but we've also seen a young boy who is excited to exercise and is confident in his ability to perform anything he puts his mind to. Training with Cam at High Octane Training... (Click above to read more)

You have a goal. Well, so do we - because we make your goal our own. We offer so much in the realm of health, wellness, fitness and lifestyle that it's hard to capture all of it in a single paragraph. Therefore, we're basically a "One-Stop-Shop" - with one united destination, getting you to the best version of yourself.

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How It Works...

Educate, Motivate and Empower

We take the time to learn how you move and most importantly, how you respond to each cue.

In the beginning, improving your physical health involves more than any one exercise, therefore, in order to put the right program together, we work on connecting you to your body.

Be Confident!

As Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists and Doctors we work together to get the right moves and the right cues, and as a result, the perfect feeling...​

Confidence in movement comes from doing the right rep and feeling the right muscles consistently over time. While confidence in nutrition comes from paying attention to what gives you energy and what causes you to feel sluggish. Bad habits can get in the way
but as soon as you know what feels right, you'll know when it feels wrong.

Therefore, achieve results you can apply to your everyday life.

We have one of the best training environments for trainers to help their clients and build a career

Floor Space Rentals

If you’re a trainer coming from a big box gym just let us know in the details, we can help. 

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