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The Sugar-Less Challenge

Step-by-Step Approach to the Challenge:

1. Decide Your Limit:

Begin by determining a daily sugar intake goal in grams. This will be your target throughout the month.

2. Daily Monitoring:

Every day, monitor your sugar consumption. This can be done through food labels, apps, or journals.

3. Score Your Day:

If you consume less sugar than your set limit, reward yourself with a checkmark or a point.

If you consume more sugar than your set limit, mark it with an X, zero or leave it blank.

4. Track Your Progress:

Keep a record of your daily scores. By the end of the month, tally up your checkmarks or points.

5. Aim for the Win:

Achieve over 70% success (i.e., 21 days) in the month to be eligible for prizes at HOTT.

6. Document Wellness Transformations:

If you notice any positive changes in your well-being such as weight loss, reduced body fat percentage, better stamina, or improved performance in workouts, document these transformations. This could be through photos, measurement logs, or workout records.

7. Claim Your Prize:

Participants with over 70% success will receive prizes.

Those who additionally show a wellness transformation will be eligible for grand prizes, including HOTT Swag.

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Results Tracker

Challenge Tips

Know Your Sugars

This is Low Sugar, Not No Carbs

Look at your nutrition labels. Almost all processed foods will have sugar. Instead of grabbing anything with a label, stick to whole, single-sourced foods.

If you’re low on energy and crave some sugar, we’ve provided a list below of vegetables that are allowed in the challenge that contain sugars. 

Vegetables High In Sugar

  1. Sweet Potatoes = 5.5g / 100g
  2. Beets = 8g / 100g
  3. Onions = 4.7g / 100g
  4. Green Peas = 5.9g / 100g
  5. Sweet Corn = 6.3g / 100g
  6. Canned Pumpkin = 3.3g / 100g
  7. Winter Squash = 3.3g / 100g
  8. Rutabagas = 4g / 100g
  9. Tomato = 2.5g / 100g
  10. Red Bell Peppers = 4.4 g / 100g
  11. Shiitake Mushrooms = 3.8g / 100g
  12. Turnips = 3.8g / 100g
  13. Summer Squash = 2.6g/ 100g
  14. Carrots = 4.7g / 100g
  15. Red Cabbage 3.8g / 100g

Vegetables Low In Sugar

  1. Mushrooms = 0g / 100g
  2. Watercress = .2g / 100g
  3. Spinach = .4g / 100g
  4. Red Leaf Let’s = .5g / 10g
  5. Kale = 1g / 100g
  6. Beet Greens = .5g / 100g
  7. Arugula = 2.1g / 100g
  8. Soybean Sprouts = .5g / 100g
  9. Celery = 1.3g / 100g
  10. Broccoli = 1.7g / 100g
  11. Cucumber = 1.7g / 100g
  12. Swiss Chard = 1.1g / 100g
  13. Cauliflower = 1.9g / 100g
  14. Radishes = 1.9g / 100g
  15. Asparagus = 1.3g / 100g


Additional Questions? Give us a call or stop by and ring the door bell. 

Interested In Joining The Challenge?

***In general you can only eat Meat and Vegetables to truly be sugar free. For the sake of this challenge, think whole, single sourced foods. Processed meat will have sugar. Any dairy product will have sugar as it’s naturally occurring in lactose. Nuts have naturally occurring sugar as well. We will consider anything under 30g of sugar for the day to be “No Sugar”. If you fast for 24 hours or actually have zero grams of sugar you will get bonus points for that day. Please see us for more details!

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