Setting SMART Goals

How to Structure and Set Your SMART Goals:

Case Example:
Here is an example we have created of a SMART goal for a client in Canada aiming to lose weight, breathe better, and strengthen their heart during winter, with access to a gym:

Enhance cardiovascular health, aid weight loss and improve respiratory function during winter.

  1. Specific: 
    Engage in a mix of indoor cycling and strength training.
  2. Measurable:
    Complete 30 minutes of indoor cycling followed by 20 minutes of strength training, 3 times a week.
  3. Achievable:
    Start with moderate intensity on the bike and basic strength training exercises, gradually increasing the cycling resistance and the weights used in strength training as fitness improves.
  4. Relevant:
    Indoor cycling provides an excellent cardiovascular workout suitable for cold weather, aiding in weight loss and heart strength. Strength training complements this by building muscle, which improves overall metabolism and respiratory health.
  5. Time-bound:
    Commit to this routine for a 10-week period, after which progress in terms of weight, cardiovascular fitness, and lung capacity will be evaluated.

This goal is structured to be realistic and attainable in a typical gym setting or at home if the necessary equipment is available. Indoor cycling is a great way to get a high-intensity cardiovascular workout without the impact of running, making it easier on the joints. Combined with strength training, it offers a comprehensive fitness routine that addresses weight loss, heart health, and respiratory improvements, fitting well into the winter months in Canada. The time-bound nature ensures periodic assessment and adjustment of the goal to maintain motivation and effectiveness. 

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