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Summer Transformation Program for Educators and Support Staff
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Are You Ready to Redefine Your Wellness This Summer?

This summer, High Octane Training and Therapy is looking for dedicated teachers who are ready to make significant lifestyle changes. If you have the summer off and are committed to transforming your health and wellness, our exclusive program is designed just for you.

Program Details: We are offering two comprehensive packages to fit your summer schedule:

  • 8-Week Intensive: Accelerate your fitness and wellness journey. Value of $3,000.
  • 12-Week Comprehensive: A deeper, more gradual transformation. Value of $4,500.

Both options include:

  • Personal Training: Two or three sessions per week tailored to your fitness goals.
  • Physiotherapy: Regular sessions to enhance mobility and reduce pain.
  • Massage Therapy: To aid recovery and relaxation.
  • Additional Services: Including Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Nutrition Counselling and much more!
  • Full Gym Membership: Access our facilities to supplement your scheduled sessions with independent workouts.

Limited Enrollment: We are looking for the top candidates for this transformative experience. With only a limited number of discounted spots available, ensure to apply early to secure your place. Both programs run through September 1st, ensuring you’re ready to return to school feeling your best.

Flexible Commitment:

  • Guaranteed Results: We’re confident in our program—see results or get your money back.*
  • Continued Membership: If life’s unpredictabilities affect your schedule, don’t worry. Your gym membership remains active throughout the summer, and our team is here to support you, even if you cannot follow the full program.

Tailored Discounts and Pricing: The exact discount and final pricing depend on a personal consultation to best tailor the program to your needs. Regardless of your chosen path, you will receive a free gym membership for the summer and have a dedicated team of trainers and therapists supporting every step of your journey.

Apply Below to Start Your Transformation! Are you ready to invest in your health this summer? Fill out the application form to join a community of teachers dedicated to improving their health and wellness. Let’s make this summer a pivotal moment in your wellness journey.

This summer, let’s achieve something extraordinary together. At HOTT, we’re more than just a gym; we’re a community that thrives on support and success.

*Money Back Guarantee is for any services that are not covered through insurance. If you are unhappy or question the results we’ve achieved we will provide a 100% return on any out-of-pocket expenses.  

Female Client performing rehab physiotherapy exercise for the knee.

We have one of the best training environments for trainers to help their clients and build a career

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If you’re a trainer coming from a big box gym just let us know in the details, we can help. 

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