Setting a base for your kids to move correctly will shape the way they function for the rest of their lives.

Andrew Stalteri

Performance Coach and Owner

of High Octane Training has been a Personal Trainer for over 15 years.
Specializing in posture and performance, Andrew focuses on getting client results from developing muscles deep inside your body that have been proven to get results in strength, mobility, endurance and overall energy.

Naomi Onwudiwe

Customer Care Director

A Child and Youth Care Practitioner graduate (with honours). She is the welcoming face who will follow up with you, answer any questions you may have, and motivate you to perform at your very best while pointing you in the right direction to a member of the High Octane Training & Therapy Team.

Dr. Olivier Vimard

Chiropractic Doctor

Pursing his passion for helping people move by becoming a Chiropractic Doctor and completing a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education (with Honours) in 2011.
His combination of precise adjustments/ functional range release and therapeutic exercise - Olivier chiropractic style allows you to truly explore your body’s performance potential with more then an average adjustment.

Denzil Ottley

Athletic Therapist

for both the Edmonton Eskimos and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Denzil has been in the professional game since 2005.
Using manual therapy techniques, Denzil combines your physical therapy needs with your desire to perform at a high level.
Now that he's claimed his CFL ring, he’s on to new life challenges - helping average people feel like an athlete.

Sarah Arbour

B.A. Kin.
Kinesiologist and Coach

As a competitive dancer since 2007, Sarah’s always been passionate about how the body moves. She has been an inspired dancer since she was 7 years old and has continued her passion for mobility and strength through her work as a kinesiologist.
In addition to training clients 1/1, Sarah also trains BodyFit in a small group setting, and shares her enthusiasm for dance in her DanceFit classes.

Simon Bialecki

Performance Coach

with over 16 years of experience as a Kinesiologist, Athletic Therapist, Personal Trainer, Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor, Golf Fitness Specialist, the list goes on and on.
Simon has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the human body and is constantly researching ways to achieve quicker, longer lasting results for his clients. He believes in the importance of the mind body connection, and focuses on proper mobility with his clients to attain true strength.

Couples Training

Spend quality time and push each other's limits


... You're about to start feeling better

Ryan Lyn

Performance Coach

Holding a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Education, an Ontario Teaching Certification, a Strength and Conditioning Certification, and a Corrective Exercise Certification, Ryan is an encyclopedia of exercise knowledge and it shows in his client's results.
In the last 16 years, his passion to work with people to ensure they exercise correctly with proper mobility has led him to be a top trainer and strength coach wherever he goes.

Partner training

Motivation, focus and affordability

Ben Chiu

FHP, PTS, FST, Eilko Powerlifting Coach
Performance Coach

Three years ago, Ben's first training experience inspired him to begin his career in fitness and health. His passion in Powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting provides the focus he applies with his clients in strength training.
With his attentiveness on posture and mobility, Ben helps his clients stay strong and achieve their full potential.

Cameron Goossen

Performance Coach

Applying training principles from courses like the Institute of Motion, ATS and DTS - his clientele is full of future pro athletes and people that want to move / feel young and healthy again.
His thirst for knowledge has lead him to develop his own training course called Full Spectrum Training Systems with a local Massage Therapist. Cam focuses on functional movements so you can do every day activities with more energy, and be a better, healthier you!

Lisa Santorelli

Holistic Nutritionist

In 2011, Lisa started working with people with addictions and mental health conditions - it was at that time she noticed how much diet would affect the progress of her clients.
By adjusting their eating habits, she was able to implement life-altering changes. Over the years Lisa has continued to work with people with addictions and mental health conditions. In addition, she’s now expanded to athletes and people new to fitness - working with them to improve performance that starts in the kitchen!

Attention to Detail

Small changes that make a big difference

Focus on Posture

Great movement starts from the inside out. If you want to be the fittest 80 year old on the block - take you time and focus on posture.

Sandra Suljanovic

Pilates Coach

With 6 years of experience as a Certified Pilates Instructor, Sandra will have you feeling your core and glutes in places you didn't know you had. Although she may make her moves seem effortless, she will challenge you to push your limits on the mat, while supporting you at your level.
Whether you’re an avid Pilates goer or it’s your first time, Sandra will make sure her high energy class is at a pace you need to drive your performance, in all your activities, to the next level.

Martin Reid

Pilates Coach

Coaching for over 16 years, Martin is a legend in the industry as the face of "Real Men Do Pilates".
Over the last 8 years, Martin has been focusing his attention towards the importance of including Pilates with your strength training routine and your athletic performance - with visible results.
His work shows in his dedicated clients - some have been with him for over 13 years. When training clients for that long it’s about fine-tuning every movement to their needs - exactly why Pilates is so important.






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