Elevate Your Workouts: Why You Should Incorporate Mobility Training

Jan. 19 2024

Do you feel like you’re not fully reaching your potential in your workouts? If you’ve noticed that your range of motion feels limited, it might be time to shift your focus and give mobility training a try. Mobility training is often severely underestimated but, it is an important element of fitness that can make a big difference in your training and your general well-being. 

What is Mobility?

In simple terms, mobility is your joints’ ability to actively and freely move through their range of motion. Good mobility means these movements happen smoothly without pain or restriction. Mobility training is aimed at enhancing your body’s range of motion. Flexibility is a factor, but mobility goes beyond just static stretching; it also includes aspects like balance, control, pliability and strength. This combination is what makes mobility training so good for injury prevention.

One of the great things about mobility training is its adaptability. It‘s simple enough that you can easily add it to your existing workout plan. Whether it’s a brief pre-workout mobility routine, a quick 10-minute full body, or a cool-down session there is a lot of flexibility for you to adapt it to what feels right for you. However, it’s important to pay close attention to your body and introduce mobility training gradually into your routine. Start with focusing on one or two body parts that need to most help, rather than going straight into full-body mobility training.

How is Mobility Different from Flexibility?

Mobility is often referred to as ‘proprioception’, in simple terms this means our body’s awareness of itself. It tells us where our body parts are and how they’re positioned without having to look at them. Training mobility is based on a range of exercises that are designed to expand the range of motion and enhance muscle control around each joint, which helps to improve your body’s awareness of itself and move more actively.  

On the other hand, flexibility involves stretching and lengthening our muscles. Having good flexibility allows you to extend the stretch and length of your connective tissues which reduces stiffness, tension and pain in the muscles. Although they are different flexibility is a factor in mobility. If the muscle surrounding a joint is too stiff the range of motion will be limited.

Why is Mobility Important for you?

If your fitness goals include running faster, jumping higher, squatting deeper or lifting heavier then incorporating mobility training is non-negotiable. The inclusion of mobility will help you improve no matter what your fitness goal is, it will even help you in your everyday life. 

So what happens if you neglect your mobility? When one part of the body lacks mobility, your body will start compensating by overusing other muscles and joints, this is a very fast way to end up injured. 

Mobility training acts as a safeguard against tight muscles, immobility and overall lack of movement, all of which play a part in injuries. Our bodies can only tolerate poor and limited mobility for so long before they protest.

Here are just some of the many advantages of incorporating mobility training into your routine:

  • Promotes good posture, especially for those of us who spend most of the day sitting at a desk.
  • Helps prevent knots and injuries.
  • Relieves tensions associated with a sedentary lifestyle or excessive exercise.
  • Enhances overall functional fitness performance.
  • Increases your range of motion. Allowing or healthier and more active life. 
  • Reduces the risk of joint deterioration through preventative measures.
  • Prevents aches and pains before they even begin.
  • Builds stronger, more adaptable muscles and joints.

No matter what your fitness routine looks like or what your goals are there are so many positive reasons to integrate mobility training into your routine. 

Here are some routines to get you started with your mobility journey:

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