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High Octane Training + Therapy is a registered health clinic and personal training centre that focuses on recovery and performance for the general population. We offer a full health clinic with Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage, Athletic Therapy, Personal Training and access to a large exclusive gym area.

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What is so specialized about our Personal Training?

We specialize in combining your health and wellness with – what we believe to be – your true mental and physical potential. Our Personal Trainers don’t just have a Kinesiology Background and years of experience, they also work with medical professionals every day – Your Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Registered massage therapist (and in some cases, even your family doctor and surgeon), creating an all-in-one experience. 

Doctors, surgeons and sometimes physical therapists can be so smart that they forget to simplify all the things that will help you get better quickly, safely and continuously. We’ve all been there. The “I was told to do X,Y,Z and I got lost so I didn’t do it” – we hear it all the time. Our trainers will bridge this gap and not only find terms and feelings you will remember but help you gain a strong foundation for any future exercise program. 

Apply for


Personal Training

and gym membership

You've been spending a lot of time and energy taking care of others - we don't want you to stop - here's our chance to take care of you!

Everyone in Healthcare (Doctors, Nurses and Support Staff)

First Responders (Paramedics, Fire and Police)


We want to say THANK YOU for everything you’ve done, both the seen and unseen. You’ve been holding down the fort while everyone around us is losing their composure. We’ve seen you in the background of countless instagram videos – just doing your job. Well now, we want to hear your story and put you first.

If you’ve been getting shit on because some people don’t know how to act anymore, we just want to say thank you for keeping your cool and pushing through. 

Please tell us about where you’re working, how you’ve been helping people and what this experience has done to your health. We will be offering up to $800 worth of Personal Training and Gym Membership to as many applicants as we can. 

*Please note: we will fact-check some of your claims. Availability is limited to our schedules. Initial assessment, as many as 6 personal training sessions and a gym membership will be included. Restrictions Apply.

Our Treatments and Specialties

Headaches, TMJ and Poor Posture

It's no surprise that "Work-from-Home" has lead to "Pain-at-Home". More sitting and 24/7 demand for your time are now leading to new "Work-Related" stresses.

Pre/Post - Operation

We've been working with neighbouring hospitals and doctors offices for a few years helping their patients prepare and recover from surgery.

Sports/Performance Injuries

We have a multidisciplinary team that works together in order to get everyone from the Average Joe to Semi-Pro athletes in peak performance.

Motor Vehical Accidents

We hate to see it happen but when it does, we know that you want to get back on your feet ASAP. You can get there via Physical Therapy and Exercise.


Specifically Certified to track, treat and monitor your health for head and neck injuries. If you're in a high risk sport, ask us about our baseline testing.

Therapy for Better Physical Performance

You got yourself out of pain and now it's time to feel better for the long haul. You could settle with being who you were before your injury but we want you to feel even better.




Registered Massage Therapy

Certified Athletic Therapy



Custom Orthotics

Custom Bracing

Located in Mississauga

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We have one of the best training environments for trainers to help their clients and build a career

Floor Space Rentals

If you’re a trainer coming from a big box gym just let us know in the details, we can help. 

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Let’s begin your journey by getting to know where you’re starting. We don’t like to make assumptions so while we show you the Therapy Clinic, Fitness Studios and Private Gym, we take some time to get to know your current health and expectations. 

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