Gym Memberships

An exclusive environment with All the equipment you need

Private, Clean and Comfortable

Our fully equipped gym is mainly for Physical Therapy, Personal Training, and Small Groups. We’re serious about getting you results – that involves limiting your distractions and providing a safe environment.

If you’re looking for a quiet place to have an uninterrupted workout, or you want to ask for a professional opinion – we’re here to help. 

Client Membership

$ 90 per month
  • no initiation fee, 1-year commitment, $50 early cancellation fee
  • Must be a client of one of our therapists
  • Book a tour to get started!


Standard Membership

$ 120 per month
  • $50 initiation fee. No long-term commitment, cancel anytime!
  • Enjoy full access to our gym floor
  • Book a tour to get started!

Discounted Membership

$ 60 per month
  • No initiation fee or commitment
  • Exclusively for current clients visiting their therapist or trainer weekly
  • Book a tour to get started!

*HST not included. Prices subject to change.*

*adding another person to an existing membership is an additional$60 per month*

Cancellation Policy

At High Octane we prioritize your convenience and peace of mind through our commitment to offering a frictionless membership experience. If you ever decide to cancel, you can do so anytime over the phone or in person – no signatures, no hassles, no long letter and No Notice! Additionally, if you need to take an extended break or wish to pause your membership for any reason, you can easily do so and restart it whenever you’re ready, all at no extra charge. We are so confident that you will want to be here, stay here, or come back that we aim to create a positive experience no matter what you plan to do with your health and wellness. We’re here to make fitness work for you, on your terms.

Take some time to get to know us!

We have one of the best training environments for trainers to help their clients and build a career

Floor Space Rentals

If you’re a trainer coming from a big box gym just let us know in the details, we can help. 

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Book a Tour and consultation


Let’s begin your journey by getting to know where you’re starting. We don’t like to make assumptions so while we show you the Therapy Clinic, Fitness Studios and Private Gym, we take some time to get to know your current health and expectations. 

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