Co-op / Internship

Looking for a place to grow your skills?

High School Co-op

We offer a wide range of services to shadow or work with. All will be in the health and wellness industry.

If you’re a high school student who is looking for a co-op placement. please click below and book a tour/ consultation so we can meet and go over both our expectations. 

College / University Internships

Future professionals looking to gain real-world experience. Check out below which members of our team are looking for interns. 

Based on availability, we have Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage and Athletic Therapy. 


*Please note that these are unpaid Internships / Co-op / Field Placements. 

Who Is Looking For Interns And What Jobs They Have For You

Our Professionals

Andrew Stalteri

Reception, Marketing and Hiring Manager
I'm looking for someone that can help with Email Campaigns, SEO, Social Media, Filming Content and everything around brand development.

Dr. Olivier Vimard DC

I'm looking for someone that's passionate about physical therapy and making positive long-term progress with all ranges of clients.

Stojan Mirkovic

I'm looking for an exercise specialist as well as someone with a strong desire for manual therapy. You will help with my day-to-day clients and eventually get some of your own.

We have a mixed Business model of entrepreneurship and working for/with a company

Be Your Own boss

Work hard, take a vacation and build your business with the support of a team of likeminded professionals.

Professional Scheduling and reporting

Book, follow-up, track and remind your clients through Jane App.


Learn from other highly educated and experienced Therapists and Trainers as you work side-by-side in a safe and private gym/ health clinic.

the perfect blend

Build your career without limits and get new clients from a gym/ clinic that has your future in mind.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Working with the best people

We offer a unique environment that allows Health and Fitness Professionals to be their own boss and get support from a company. 

When professionals in the Fitness and Health industry get good, they usually branch off to do their own thing. So we have a system that attracts Therapists, Trainers and Coaches that have the experience and education that comes once you’ve grown out of your old places of work.

our businesses within

we work for them

We find passionate, dedicated and motivating people so all our clients get the best results. Here are some of their businesses and brands:

We have one of the best training environments for trainers to help their clients and build a career

Floor Space Rentals

If you’re a trainer coming from a big box gym just let us know in the details, we can help. 

Red, White and

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Let’s begin your journey by getting to know where you’re starting. We don’t like to make assumptions so while we show you the Therapy Clinic, Fitness Studios and Private Gym, we take some time to get to know your current health and expectations. 

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